Anomaly: Opening Night is a Suspenseful 3rd person shooter with a focus on Narrative, and changing events that keeps the player on the edge of their seat, and guessing what is, or isn't real.
You play as Alan, and Paranormal Investigator tasked with his latest mission, to investigate the recent paranormal activity inside a theater which seems to be stuck in the 80s.
With the support of Edgar, Alan's colleague communicating through radio. The player is guided through out the changing theater, chasing a constant unknown threat, or is it chasing them?
This project was the final project created at the end of my time at VFS's Game Design Program. It was made by a team of 5, and we had 5 months to deliver this game. 
Although, all team members had a hand in many things, my main role on this project was as a Animator and Rigger, responsible for ensuring all the character models were ready and set up for animation. I also needed to animate the characters, and ensure they functioned for their intended purpose within Unity.
I cooperated with our Programmer, to ensure the best way to construct the Animations and Animation Controller in Unity to work with our code.
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