SubWoofers is a 4 player competitive shooter, where players shoot the power of their own bark waves at one another eliminating them from the match.
Bark waves can bounce off terrain, and won't stop until they collide with a more recent bark wave, or until they meet a friendly bark wave where they will combine into more powerful, faster bark waves.
This game was inspired by the theme "Waves" at the 48 hour Global Game Jam of 2017. Made by a team of 4.
Work Outcome
On this Project I wanted to try out a new software called "Spriter Pro", which I've had in my possession for awhile, just never had a good opportunity to dive into. Between learning new software, and implementing spritesheets into Unity, and polishing those. I had no time to do Background art. As a result the only polished art assets were the dogs themselves, and their bark waves.
Recommend if you have a group of 4 friends!
Learning Outcome
I learned a new software, and got a bit better and drawing in Photoshop. 
Learned controller setup in Unity gets exponentially harder, the more still frames you have to keep track of, and of course all the problems you didn't know about will always show up right before submission, no matter how much testing you've done leading up to that point.
Gained more experience with sprite sheets as well.
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