The Moist, The Quick, and The Ready; is a time based 2 player fighting game. Players must balance their gunslinger's various stats, by switching camera angles, to prepare themselves for the final moment where each player draws their weapon. 
The concept was based around the final scene of "The good the Bad and the Ugly", where there was a 3 way stare down that lasted several minutes before a gun was drawn.
*Won the award for "Most Themey" at the Game Jam
Work Outcome
On this 48 hour project, I worked in a team of 5 where I did some minor art assets, while waiting for a teammate to model the gunslinger. After I received the gunslinger model I speedily rigged, and gave some minor animations before submission. 
Learning Outcome
I learned a better use for time on this project, as well as a reminder to NEVER leave 'player feedback' as an after thought.
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